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Located somewhere at home in the clouds, I work, design and contract with several clients all across the galaxy.

The reason why you’re seeing this page is because you have clicked on one of the Contact links which I might have spread unconsciously (and unnecessarily) throughout my sites. Below are links to all active social networking sites that in direct association with myself and my to-be post-apocalyptic web comic, World Against The Empire:

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I am continuously being amazed with how great my clients are. (You know who you are.) This part of my humble blog is where I share some of the things I, to some extent, have been involved in.

If you’re interested in working with me, my e-mail address is

Okay; y’all have a good day now.


Yeahti! client feedback

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Michael Taylor Oct 2015 - Nov 2015 Very good quality of work after 2 to 3 revisions we got and exceptional end product. All revisions initially were of the highest quality but didn't quite hit our target Market, but Ethan got to our ideal idea and gave us something we are very excited about! Logo design for special fx contact lenses site Dec 2014 Ethan was an absolute pleasure to work with, my favorite UpWork freelancer so far. Great communication and great design sense Logo and Cover Phot ...Read more

Yeahti! client feedback
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