Watching CBS’ Zoo, Emmy Nominees, Snubs, and just television in general right now

Posted on: Saturday, July 15th, 2017
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Oh, July. Sweet, sweet month of July. You know, listening to Lana Del Rey’s Lust For Life promises in your head that this time of year will be “keeping it warm / Like July forever”, but the rain won’t stop and it’s really, really cold where I’m at. But for those of us who have spent their Novembers cramming up more than twenty hours of enjoyable television to their schedules, we know that this is still a month where most shows are on their season breaks. And we are glad of that. There are tons of shows I miss, and in the back of my head, I really want to post something called “Shows I miss”, and it’d include the entire ca st of Lucifer (BIG SHOUT OUT TO LESLEY-ANN BRANT‘S EVER-AMAZING MAZIKEEN) and Team Scorpion.

Flash-forward to now and I find myself having almost to nothing to watch except bingeing on Hulu and Netflix, struggling to decide which shows to keep and which to drop.

There are certain shows I’ve decided to push through, like Shadowhunters, back to the very beginning, and then the more enjoyable G.L.O.W. on Netflix that has Community alum Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Marc Maron, Ellen Wong (quite unrecognizable from her Scott Pilgrim days), and Chris Lowell, whom I will always enjoy being on my TV. There’s something about Chris Lowell playing a rich man child that makes so much sense. We’ve loved his work since his Veronica Mars days, and I cherished his presence even more because he was my favorite Hill brother on Enlisted – the show that was gone too soon, crossing the lines of frustrating cancellations in the likes of Happy Endings.

I mean, look at how almost empty my television watchlist is:

I use TVMuse to keep a calendar track of which shows are soon to air. You should sign up because it makes everything easier. Disclaimer: I don’t really watch Playing House, Turn and Power anymore, but the site doesn’t allow easy removal of shows from the calendar, so there’s that.

I’m grateful, though, to have tons of breathing room right now because 1.) I have time to read through the Michael Crichton books I’ve left there waiting for years (currently still on the first few chapters of Timeline. I’m so sorry I have failed myself), and 2.) I can focus on completing my 2017 poetry collection

Do follow me on Instagram @ethananarchy for more of that or just go to the Poetry portal of this site, plug plug.

But hey, at least there’s less than 24 hours before Star vs. The Forces of Evil‘s season 3 premiere with The Battle for Mewni, and I am so overly hyped up for it. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Daron Nefcy really outdid herself with forming a great second season that I would dare say SVTFoE is now almost on par with Steven Universe in terms of quality. Seriously, that show had me shaking and emoting like crazy. Who knew that one of the best fictional boyband performances of all time would come out of Star? (With all obviousness, still sitting on that spot is American Dad’s B12.)

Talk. About. Emotions. 😭😭😭😭 The #StarCo shipping game is strong.

But that’s all for later. Right now, I find that there’s only Orphan Black to fill in the void left by prestige television. And it’s an interesting time for Orphan Black, knowing that The Final Trip, as stated, is its last season, and with the very talented Tatiana Maslany winning Best Actress last year. If you’re also doing a watch of it, then you’ll also be like me, wondering: “Where the hell is our favorite ditzy clone, Krystal Goderitch?” and waiting for this week’s episode just makes it all the more exciting because Krystal was spotted on last week’s promo.

But what am I left with now? Like, right now. The last show I’ve watched, aside from actively ignoring Shadowhunters and letting their episodes pile up before I put them on a binge, is the pilot of Getting On US, that never fails to be funny. As for summer rompers (is it really still “summer” when it’s already raining all day every day?), CBS has the line up for that. Cue in Zoo.

Zoo is the kind of show that is so bad, it’s obvious how it’s a James Patterson novel. It is too absurd that I cannot, for the life of me, resist watching as their world devolve into bananas. It’s like Fear The Walking Dead, but instead of walkers, it’s all of animal kingdom declaring war on human race. I mean, it’s completely bonkers. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any crazier, it went full-on hybrid beasts versus mankind.

Now, I don’t know if anybody really likes Zoo. Sure, everybody loves James Wolk because who wouldn’t? Even my ex likes James Wolk. He is some tall drink of warm water that really makes the show watchable, along with its quirks. Wolk first graced my television when he played Max Blum’s short time boyfriend Grant on Happy Endings, setting up the unforgettable Everybody Loves Grant episode. There’s also Veep’s Reid Scott in the season 1 pilot of Zoo, so there’s that.

By the way, congratulations to Anna Chlumsky on her Emmy nomination for her work on Veep. I don’t exactly know tons of others who tune in to this hilarious HBO sitcom, but it’s nice that it’s being recognized years in a row

Shame on Amy Brookheimer indeedeth.

Now, before I went off the rails and start my rant about the Emmys, let me get back to Zoo. I remember faintly, back in 2015, when Zoo just aired. It was so unwatchable that I barely made it to minute ten of the pilot. That’s usually the case with online bingeing. Now that we’re in the digital age, you can just flick on your remote to change what you’re watching, or pause it. I would be lying if I didn’t tell you I forgot about the show’s existence. I am very much surprised that it hasn’t been cancelled yet. Remember, this was the time where it existed beside other headaches such as FX’s The Strain and CBS’s Under The Dome. This year, we are no longer with UTD, but we have another Stephen King addition: The Mist. But here’s the thing with SK novels: they’re rarely good when translated to TV.

The only thing keeping me watching The Mist, with its obvious hubris of even more obvious Friday Night Lights-esque storylines (seriously cliched much), is the fact that Frances Conroy graced us with her presence.

It’s giving me so much flashbacks of the time when we enjoyed Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story where Conroy takes center stage, being so great in season 2 as the angel of death, Shacath, and Coven’s Myrtle Snow.

But hey, there’s more Stephen King coming our way.

Mr. Mercedes so quietly crept into radar, with all the casting mishaps, and with the passing of Anton Yelchin who would have played the role of Brady Hartsfield; now in the hands of Penny Dreadful alum, Harry Threadaway. I did like the first season of that gothic madness, what, with Eva Green’s spectacular seance scene and all, but the true star of its early days was Alex Price who played gone-too-soon Proteus.

Sidebar: all this talk about terrible scifi popcorn shows got me thinking about the time I spent watching the gem that was Syfy’s Dominion with my dear friend Comet Wong when she still lived in the room next to mine. That feels like a long time ago, but just the other day, she introduced herself to the world of Lucifer FX (all the way from the pilot), and it was another proof that even miles and miles of geographically separating people couldn’t stop friends from watch-togethers because we live-chatted/commented via Facebook Messenger the same way we did with the Riverdale house party episode. 🍿🍿🍿

Everybody right now is tuning into STARZ’s American Gods, but to me, Zoo is the perfect show to watch for now. And I don’t wanna be that guy, but it’s the show I can just hit play on and let all its crazy unfold on screen while I’m doing other menial things. Seriously, I’ve already eaten dinner in front of it and lifted some weights. It’s that kind of passive viewing experience that one can only get from the likes of CBS’ Elementary which, in my opinion, had such a terrible season, I’m truly baffled at its renewal. That statement doesn’t imply I don’t want to have more Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu on my screen. Quite the opposite. And the next venture without all the Shinwell nonsense of the past season already feels freeing. Also, we need more Clyde.

As far as options go, right now is the best chance to give Atlanta a go. Danny Glover’s always been a sore spot for those who’ve watched Community because his departure broke not just Abed’s heart, but the heart of long-time viewers. Still, it was amazing to see Childish Gambino rise into movie stardom, having roles on Magic Mike XXL, playing a math genius on Hidden Figures, and just recently appearing in MARVEL’s Spiderman Homecoming.

Atlanta is the quirky kind of television realism that is only achieved by so few other shows, such as Aziz Ansari’s Master of None and Pamela Adlon’s Better Things.

It was a warm gift when these three shows are lined up and given Emmy nominations for Best Comedy. Silicon Valley fourth season was a little cluttered compared to its predecessor season, but such a welcome. It did, after all, gave us this brilliant Thomas Middleditch scene, which I refer to as his best performance on the show to date.

Middleditch’s Richard Hendricks just morally devolving into the left-hand path in a Better Call Saul fashion was a weekly highlight.

If I may refer you to this article by The New York Times : Our TV Critics Debate the 2017 Emmy Award Nominations, there’s this interesting line that goes: On the one hand, “Veep” had an outrageously good season. On the other hand … I sort of believe, spiritually, in sharing the wealth.


They’ve had their year. But still, very very much deserving to be nominated and to win.

But the thing is, WHY IS MODERN FAMILY RUNNING AGAINST VEEP, Silicon Valley, Atlanta and Master of None for Best Comedy when it had such a dull season. Okay, perhaps that’s a little harsh, but c’mon. That makes zero sense.

Speaking of zero sense, here’s an interesting article from Southern California Public Radio website 2017 Emmys: How do ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Modern Family’ keep getting nominated? 😂😂😂😂

House of Cards really is pulling a scam on us. I mean, who even watches House of Cards anymore? That’s always been the case with the show. It existed back in the days when Bryan Cranston still wore his iconic Heisenberg hat, when streaming and Netflix were new to society. But it had always been prestige for prestige’s sake. The acting is awards-worthy, with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright playing cunning political Slytherin, but if I hear the word Machiavellian again, I swear I would lose it.

LOL. Guilty. Like the time I couldn’t find to fit House of Cards in my schedule, The Americans and Better Call Saul also suffer from this. I know there’s tons of praise going around for the show, but to the casual viewer, there’s just no urgency to hit play.

I just couldn’t find any right time to binge that much glum. Heard it got cray this season, but maybe it’s too late for me to join in because where’s the fun in having to go through thirty hours of TV just to get to the good parts? It’d be like watching a slower season 2 of Mr. Robot, which got so rewarding with its penultimate Twin Peaks-ish episode.

Congratulations to BD Wong’s nomination, beeteedubs.

BD Wong as White Rose, Mr. Robot’s enigmatic villain is so great to watch. I cannot wait for the next season to unfold. Hopefully the same amount of trippy but less glacial in pace.

See also: IndieWire’s article ‘The Leftovers’ Is Officially an Elite HBO Drama, Thanks to the Emmy

Lastly, let me start this article’s close with a rant about Aubrey Plaza not getting nominated.

Legion FX had been such a strong show, and although being completely ignored by the Academy is quite normal for this genre of television, everybody had high hopes Aubrey Plaza would at least be given a nod, considering how much she deserved it with this scene alone.

But I do love me some Millie Bobby Brown. Remember last year when Stranger Things literally took over the entire television landscape? It. Was. Historic. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 El was the cool kid on the television block, and followed by Logan’s Laura Kinney. Everybody really went nuts for Barb, quite to polarizing effects with those who empathized with the character and those who didn’t care for her being the ultimate party pooper. But at least there was the whole #JusticeForEthel thing on Riverdale.

Anyways, San Junipero, the greatest hour of 2016 television (definitely right up there with Sense8’s Christmas special) snagged Emmy nods, and we’re very happy with it.

Ooh. And we also have these:

Saturday Night Live had a great year, but perhaps not the one it wanted. SNL gave us the latest, most iconic character, David S. Pumpkins, and Chris FIIIIIINE lipsync battle. Here’s a GIF of his booty shaking, btw.

And although my ultimate favorite skit from all of SNL season 42 was the Denver Zoo skit signaling the rise of Mikey Day, we’ve got to hand it out to Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and Vanessa Bayer. Being that Bayer recently just excited the show’s cast (along with Moynihan and Zameeta), I’m rooting for her to win. There was nothing quite as funny as the Totino’s commercial from the KStew episode anyway.

Coincidentally, I watched the pilot of the now-cancelled Man Seeking Woman, and Bayer was there for two episodes.

You go, Vanessa Bayer! We loved you as Rachel from FRIENDS on Weekend Update and Rachel meeting Rachel (also Weekend Update), and the send off fidget spinner skit really showed your glamorous side.

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