Album created on: Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

A couple of artworks I’m gonna be doing for fun and self-identification and whatnot. Basically fanboy101.

– Gemsona (Howlite)
– Ooosona (Swamp Prince. Duh!)
– Titansona (Swamp Titan)
– Pokemonsona (a Fighting Eeveelution, most def)
– a hobosona (Pervethan keeping Beach City Weird)
– a fursona [actually, a scaley]
– ponysona [if I’m going to make a fursona, I might as well go all the way!)
– trollsona + lusus (AR Colton + tapir lusus)
– halfbloodsona (Ethan of the Hypnos Cabin)
– Avatarsona (Etanraq of the Northern Water Tribe or perhaps Tan, the modern day swampbender)
– MyROsona (William)
– TOSsona (Vitovi, the lonely Krivis)
– me as a Blue Lantern
– clownsona

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