Hype! Silicon Valley returns to HBO in a month

Posted on: Sunday, February 25th, 2018
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Save the date: March 25 and we’ll have the fifth season of Silicon Valley, one of my favorite comedies in HBO. (Veep, apparently, was pushed to 2019, so they’re not returning together, and neither will Game of Thrones. They used to be like the HBO trifecta of a sort but at least we have Insecure now?) Silicon Valley, created by King of the Hill‘s Mike Judge, follows the push and pull of the Pied Piper company founders’ fates, which started as a lossless compression algorithm product, now turning a new leaf as CEO Richard Hendricks (played by Thomas Middleditch) pursues his visions for a ‘new internet’, whatever that means. (Interestingly enough, Middleditch has deactivated his Twitter account last year because this internet, as netizens have pointed out, is already too old for him. I’m a sucker for coinciding events.)

Watch these awesome trailers:

The show’s ensemble includes Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick), Martin Starr (honestly, just gonna say Party Down because I hold it as his best), Zach Woods (THIS GUY FUCKS!), Josh Brener, Amanda Crew, Suzanne Cryer, and Matt Ross.

Silicon Valley has faced some casting changes, the most recent that TJ Miller who plays talk-savvy Erlich Bachman has left the series, and now has to grapple with what we can hope more crazy rides with funny man Jimmy O. Yang who plays the somewhat clueless (but also quite lucky) Jin-Yiang, where in the trailer inherits the team’s incubator because squatter’s rights? I don’t know. But I sure am ready to find out how the show fizzles this time around.

Hopefully we get some real developments that are serialized, if only even for serialization’s sake, because we have done they have already perfected the good-karma-bad-karma having-to-wear-a-beige-ensemble routine, and nothing on contemporary TV excites me more than seeing Richard go full left-hand path greedy.

What I do anticipate from its fifth time around is the clash of tech titan Hooli versus the newly-founded Bream Hall. One of the most exciting parts of the show is its heightened version of the workings of tech innovators and their influence over power, and when Ross’s Gavin Belson’s armistice against PP ends, all hell would break loose.

For avid fans of the show, be sure to check out CodeRag and Pied Piper blogs intermittently for fun bonus content. Heck, even Bream Hall’s website has that fun part with Laurie’s bio. Other fun sites to check are that of Raviga‘s, Endframe‘s, and Homicide‘s.

See also, this clip which I consider to be the best moment of last season. Oof, I still get goosebumps from it.

(By the way, what happened to Quan2co? Is that show still on the air? I literally don’t know anybody who watches that, even with Priyanka Chopra at its center.)

Watch thread will be here:

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Recommendation grade: A+++

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