Posted on: Saturday, September 2nd, 2017
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And here we are, at the darkest, most terrible timeline. SYFY has decided to cancel the incredible gem that is Dark Matter.

Renewing Killjoys for two seasons is a great move, and I couldn’t be happier, but learning the upcoming absence of the crew of the Raza has left a Marauder-shaped – nay, white-hole anomaly – in my heart, and am sure the hearts of many all over the world. In the short while that I have been an avid fan of Dark Matter, I have come to love the amazing ensemble that made up this show. From all its shortcomings to intergalactic fun, escapades to alternate realities, space zombies, corporate hijinks, betrayal, space game-of-thrones, malicious aliens trying to take over this universe; Dark Matter has come up victorious with the way the actors played off all the hard science fiction tropes it had managed to land on.

The crew of the Raza truly is a family.

It is now upto the loyal fans to take up our arms and make our voices heard through the internet, if that’s all that is left to do for now. #SaveDarkMatter campaigns have been launched by multitudes of viewers, as does when a beloved television series gets axed by the powers that be. As is with the era of streaming, Netflix has become the haven for canceled shows. (Just look at the resurgence of Sense8, a testimony of the power that fans do have when it comes to these things.) If it’s the only thing we can do for now, I encourage you all to request Dark Matter season 4 on Netflix. (Hulu also has great game, don’t forget.)

Here’s the link to where you can request titles on Netflix.

The journey of the Raza can’t be over. Like Two, Three, Ryo, Five, Six, the Android, Wexler, Portia, Truffault, I refuse to go down without a proper fight.

You can view my Dark Matter Twitter watch thread (all three seasons) by clicking on this link. Don’t forget to tweet and spread the word. RAZA FOREVER!

#RenewDarkMatter #SaveDarkMatter

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