Back for more head aches, Riverdale season 2 is nigh 💪👱‍♀️❄️🐍🐱🍒

Posted on: Wednesday, October 4th, 2017
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It’s no secret, the success of The CW’s Riverdale, a show that premiered only this year will be back so soon to deal with the aftermath of what is now known to be the Blossom crime syndicate or whatever that was. I honestly didn’t pay much attention although that would not be a fair thing to say since everyone suffered through those brain freeze moments like the way the Gossip Girl spiritual successor should. What started as a small-town murder mystery quickly pivoted into a stale land development drama and then to something else. And back so soon because of the popular demand (not to mention that Sabrina tv show on development), I guess we can expect more things, for example the missing Cooper child and momma Cooper’s hinted past with the Serpents (where heteronormative Juggie now belongs to). So yay for more Cheryl-Ronnie realness and shirtless KJ Apa? I don’t know, but I’d certainly be watching with you all.

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Recommendation grade: C-

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