Posted on: Saturday, January 5th, 2019

“I believe, though many before me disagree, that the soul is not the only part of the being that ascends. The mind, too, ascends. The heart, too, ascends. And still, they mourn the body left while they are leaving. And still, the soul, and the mind, and the heart never forget. Hollow is the being without a soul. Hollow, the lonely traveler in time that sleeps through time only, and important on a period that is a blink only. But do not be deluded, those of you with hands that hold and eyes that read. The body is where the ascending four is developed. The body is the shrine. The body is the genesis as it is exodus. The body executes the lift-off.”

– Lamentations excerpt

The full version of Lamentations will be available on a later date.

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