You do not compare to him
All your work and you still do not compare to him
You aren’t even a pale imitation
Just a passing soul that will never be good enough
Tall enough
Succeeding enough
Resilient enough
Happy enough
Powerful enough

You set his picture as your screensaver
A telltale of a man you will never become
That green sun pierces through your blinds
Consume you with gusto
like burns on your face

You will never be that sight for sore eyes
That calms the city and lull giants to sleep
They want not your flesh and will toss you aside
for fresher peach, a meatier chuck

You do not compare to him
Because he is the food in mouth of millions
Rager running veins in Venus
Makeup for zealots of Mars
He is the infinite that doesn’t only
exists in his head
He is the infinite
that is more than justgood enough

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