Boys of the Dirty Summer

The everards and statuettes are shorter and the blackness bright
Being this cozy made me think everything in the worlds again was right, even sight
As I whine on wine by the hot tub, the anatomy of flight
Ne’r been confident in relationships, sure, am just fearing what you’ll find

Tell the beach all the sorrows, tell the beach all your kind
โ€“Ness and nest next by the terrace with printed shorts and shirts on the fly
The dust settles ‘yond the crevice, pref’rring chairs and tuxes dry
As lavenders filth the room like gas’line, moss and kite ignite

As I I beg to be wrong, as I beg in the night
For botanica sprung open, for resilium to cause heart
I already mined the issues of today, already turned it into art
I’m useless when I’m trying, and when knowing I am right

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