I am

Ye’d get a thousand hearts and hundred pins
And still cry lonesome when all lights hath dimmed

Ye talk about cutting yourself, I see
Fresh and clean pink lines where wounds hath been

Running perfect art, ye cut like sculptress
Like the gentle air that blows from aged that

I am

Ye beg them, ‘please, read all in character’
Unctuous and booning, yawned t’wards the shelf

That ruins the message, deliverer
Ye don’t want to be that, much to gallow

Larger – errands and I value timidity
Err – owe them nada, so shall get that alot

No longer will I disallow myself
To be drunk on vows unmet tomorrow

I marry into thoughts left on islands
Where they know me not, they will know me not

I’d much like not tip no ghouls in distress
The world hath bled much inhumanity

Bet’ keep your die-ries not made in duress
That goats here flock like blood clot, like blood clot

I am

There is
Very little power in this world capable

Of containing the littleness of meself
I am not but I am but

The greater

You set the table
Rows and rows of dessert

But in the columns, end to end, it’s always
A fork and some spoons, and your soul in the silverine china

I am one of the hundreds who leave and laugh
At all the things we destroyed, we sabotage

So many gapes, so many hopefuls that could never hath
O’, they never hath

Contained the littleness of meself
I am not but I am but

The greatest

The suckiest cigar,
The unattainable, unwinnable scar

The roam-around

I am not but I am but

The cruelest

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