I Am Not Collateral Damage

Your identity is not

We roam today in hallways emptier but tomorrow
Will have to take another

To keep us all in check – O’, the sad cylindrical
Life we choose

Your identity is not
Their recurring joke; nor faithless, faceless punch line

It is laid out in front of Comfort and Vigilance
Anonimity and Autonomy, both your maidens

It is not for shrills in the dark
To take into the public’s fight if you do not want it there

Yes, the claw of Nyx and all her lovers, they bide in time
But they, and we, and you, and I, are not collateral damage

We are not the aftereffects of roaring guns fired at some distance
Kissed with sheep-like silence living in carnage

The world’s worms do not have
The same light outside their circus tents

Your identity is not

But then, again, in the world of our dreams
There would be an endless stream

An overflowing, unstoppable valve
Of decency

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