The Soulmongers

Posted on: Wednesday, January 9th, 2019


“Do you believe in souls?”
“Then, why do you write so much about it?”
“The same way I drink up on horoscopes, and Greek tragedies, and sugar pills. I like just like my Mythologies.”

Souls on stasis– changes on a regular basis.
I like the inevitable. I enjoy the craziest of theories.
How do you keep up? Keep up as an atheist?
There must be something out there,
Unless you’re being drowned, you loud escapist.


Taker, Deceiver, Killer of Dream-writ Time,
I see petals and count your faces
Do they see beauty in it which I cannot.
A dorked dorm room daze, yanked. Corked–
Damned be this Asianic trip
Calloused by your constant gift-giving.
Your memory is a gift. I breathe by the safety net.
I am losing my gifts as much as I am losing my body.


Beautiful placebo monster painting within me courage,
Pain me, then take the pain away. Pain me, then take yourself away.
(You were always just a story within me. Promise me you’ll be telling our story.)


From birth, I was aware, but I was fleeting. Time moves so fast.
My mind was weak, and so was my body. But my soul, still neatly carved,
Ached for some balance.

As I took in the sun, the moon flirted with me,
And so did our Lady-God.

Even today, my inception hurts. I am engaged to a streamlined costermonger.
He will leave if I ask him to leave. He will stay if I ask him to stay. He is not mine.
Nothing is mine. When I leave (and I do not want to), I take with me nothing.
But this mind. that is as important as my body and soul, can leave the world something.
…I need to leave him something.

Little burning bill, I know you cannot be kept.
Even the pulse I share to you only will for a time annotate.
You will forget, but not as fast as my mind does.
This mind, weaker than the weakening body but not as taller as the soul, has been cursed,
Dependent on medicine. It will look for a song that is not our song.
Our many songs will be forgotten.

Before the station that jarred me constantly, I blamed everything to happenstance and conspiracies.
Then I came to blame you. Freeing myself from the white noise you bring
Brought me something, taught me accountability.
I hope that in your mind, as important as your body and soul, will have something to lean on.
You can’t lean on me forever, for my body will leave, if not my mind or my soul first.
Little soulmonger, little caretaker, please take care of your memories.
I have failed in looking after mine.

(Perhaps I can reset the time. I cannot do the same with the mind and the body,
But I think I can reset the soul… I will dine with you again on the day after twenty-eight tomorrows.)

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