Incertae sedis

Posted on: Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Just great
You’re still here

Put up your
Quality wall
No jejes allowed, Click, click,
Six months dedi
-Cated to
Biceps, biceps, biceps, biceps, triceps
Ruin yourself, man
Fall down, E-Meister
Swamp clown. Shoulder
Tired, nicotine patches, scratches
You won’t even
Be bo’ered with your depressives
And made up worlds
And lack of friends

A chromesthetic
Whence kaleidofucks
Y visions of grandiosity poured into pen
Daguerreotypicality, Proliferatio and flickering
Lights. Mondegreens

Your mom tells you, ‘Take care of yourself’
‘This is your second life’
Reminds you of your bright
Didn’t you hate that fat doctora who said, ‘Poor kid. Twenty four and already suffering from brain
They’re running low, They’re dying out,
CT scan, CT scan, I remember neither, I’m starting to forget
Everything I know
Crashed your head, Ink your legs, Hurt yourself, Blame yourself, Hate yourself, E-Meister, the swamp’s runnin’ low, Forget them, You don’t need them like they know you no longer,
Everyone’s a disappointment, You’re a disappointment, You won’t remember anyway,
You’ll deny it all ‘nyway. Close the loops. Tap your fingers twice. Create more loops and joke about it. Lie about your age. Smile till you believe it. Lower your voice, lower, you monotonal robot, See a crowd
Diverged into oneness
And hate them all unknowing, Convince
Your cynicism ain’t real, Fuck those boys for thirteen hours straight,
And rush home, You won’t find your miles and miles in their bedposts that you rocked
‘Cause everybody looks the same unlike the names you gave and personas you’d take, you
Expert cruisin’ top, Switchin’ versafuck, No one ever fights for you anyway, What on Somnus did you expect? They’d let your hopes down, They all do, They always do

Certainly enjoyed tweeting ’bout mental
Health awareness while I’m
Still depressed

I’m still here,

Just great

Fuckin’ great
I regret being saved, but thanks anyway, hospi. I should be

Dead – I remember how I
Greeted the darkness with
The biggest smile I
Ever smiled

Na na na, na na

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