You are
a combatant
a tsunami of golden fire
a light dipped in its own darkness
fostering its own diversions
birthing a universe as your children, your own
Your soul
is a constellation
And within them, creation
You host stars inside of you
Because – you, my child – you, my friend – are magic
You are capable
of kindness
capable of love
capable of giving so much and pouring so much
You are the great art of this world,
great as any art could be
Pristine and undiscovered
Untarnished and covered in your own versions of stain
Of strain
Of pain
Of pride

You are early dementia
A protest against your own well-being, focusly painting in the form of
innocent smiles
and mountains of lies
You are an ecosystem of Trithes
a barrier of light
And within this light an endless pit of sorrow and of weeping, hidden from the world
and kept within your bedroom walls
or the lack thereof

To see poetry inside the tree barks
in the stump you call your torso, that you actively mask
the stretch marks that make you, and because they shame you
and remind you of your birth and you birthing
the wonder in every color you experience for the first time
You call upon those sensations which you are not able to interpret
And to the Nyx, whom you have not encountered
as her long shadows long to reach you yet
She claws her way, trudges towards you, as you
dance beside the chasm where you hide the sunrise

So when I tell you that in your mind exists the infinite
know, child, that it isn’t a lie
You are dangerous
wildfire in the middle of the unkempt desert
When your hand holds another, worlds collide
With your palm, your fist, you divine
Destruction or praefatio
You exhale arithmetics and within you, Ein Sof

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