Life In The Infinite

by me, Ethan Lesley 🐳
Release date : August 2017
(Part 1 out 8)

Life In The Infinite is the first release for my very first free verse smapoetry collection for the year 2017. Infinite deals with the basics of human emotion, existentialism, ageing, self-destruction, identity, and mid-life crises. It shifts voices from content to content.

Infinite is available to purchase on Amazon Kindle, in basic and premium versions (EXPANSIO edition); the latter providing an all-out different reading experience with more than thrice the number of poems and bonus content from upcoming collections. Below are the titles of the free verses included in the collection:

The Birth of Your Galaxies
In your mind exists the infinite
You Can’t Feed Art To Goats
Rise Through Adagio
Dreams of a King: Foretold
Old house poem
When Your Love It Turns To Guilt
The Dying of Your Galaxies

Purchase Life In The Infinite

Purchase the EXPANSIO edition

Purchase the AVANTA edition

Life In The Infinite : EXPANSIO edition contains titles not included in the original line up, such as Obfuscatio, Damnatio Memoriae, Murmuratio, At The Grave of Your Mother and Resurrecturus, and it’s available to purchase now on multiple online venues. Whereas, AVANTA is the 2017 year end collection featuring more than ten never-before published verses.

For book updates, subscribe to my mailing list by clicking this link. There’re so many things I’d like to share with you in writing, and I hope each of you find solace in your own artistry as I’m starting to with mine. 💚💜

This is only the beginning.

Thank you. 🏳️‍🌈

Vsya moya lyubov.

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