The Good Eve

Every musician wants to be part of your household, dear
Much like every genuine ounce of me longs for your validation
Would you sing these anthems with me?
Play me on your radio?
Let me into your flightful heart?
Your lover in elusive moments
Your runaway, your reprise, your trophy, rump, reward
Your reincarnatios
Your time share ; beach house husband baby
Returning applicant to be buried beside you
buried inside you as we smile
Play with me like doll house from your childhood attic
Your memoirs, your makings, your monarchs, your machinations
Pull all my strings and tug me close to your solid chest
For I am yours if you’ll have me
Till both our capabilities to sing and sleep sound fade into memory,
swept into the Lethe
I will be your lover sent by Somnus
you, my partner for your alotted time being, drunk on poppy seeds

I will dedicate all the stars I could buy to your name, baby
for your pronouncing of mine makes the rocket man out of me

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