Solid Hearts

Stop pouring your clattered hearts to me
I like them solid
We can both be drowning or we can take the door

What do you think this will give you?
Preserving shadows in a jar
All your money in high hopes leaving you penniless
This shit you’re streaming on Hulu is a bore

We can’t both be darkness. One has to be light.
Will it be you? Will you glimmer for me?
Fake your own purple rays and shun stormy clouds
All our savings in dry enviros leaving me two cents for a cigarette

You had this dream last night
of thinmen and humanoid tax collectors
And then, there was me ringing at your doorbell
but which monster more malicious?
Which nightmare less unhealthy?

Are you a brave soul?
A fistful of sand?
Trespasser to the might
Polyformed and ironclad?

Stop talking in circles and tell me what you want

We can roll ’round, kicking it off and reading
Manila’s millennial ghost stories on your bed
Or I can legit fuck you happy till I’ve moved on with the sunrise
Your ‘brella’s not wide enough to cover both of us from rainy days yet

How tall is your spirit
How tarnished, your hands
Light are the chest of the guileless
Heavy those who are mad

Are you as strong as the souls of my cinematic lovers?
Your kiss as vile, voracious and venomous?
In ye, cacciatorean beauty,
Antonian brightness, Malek eyes

Anglican of virtues
Like your empty-handed sophisticuffs
You’re my easy breeze alter-route
While I can be all means to all your ends, your indecent war nut

Stop talking in circles and tell me what it is that you want

Your sadness is why
people don’t want to be around you

But I liked it
the way it was

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