Blue Milk

by me, Ethan Lesley 🐳
Release date : November 2017
(Part 2 out 8)

Blue Milk is my second poetry collection entry for The Infinite Range. The free verses included deal with hospitalization trauma, PTSD, physical and mental health, and the painfully slow process of recovery; as well as promises of future health (both physical and mental), meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging.

I don’t really know how to elaborate more about this. I feel that, as a person who’s gone through painful months of trying to fit back into society, this constant reminder from other people to be strong and to fight are nothing but reminders of the brightness within me I’ve lost, the one I can no longer get back. Although it really does get better,… well, I don’t know…

I wrote the Blue Milk collection to help me get through from that sort of trauma, and I’m happy now, and I’m finally leaving the dark days behind, but… No words. If you, dear reader, has been through the same shit, I want to extend all my virtual love to you. Hang tight, kiddos. Hang tight.

Solid Hearts
The Machine
Anthony In The White Clouds
Mouth of Spiders
…and more

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You’ve outlived more heartbreak than your spirit deserved for one lifetime.

Nobody can tell you the proper time to move on,
to heal,
to have (re)invigorated purpose,
to become fully comfortable with your current state of living, with your new self.

But I hope you’ll find those soon.

Salamat ng marami. Ingat. 💙🥛🐄

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