Bettered Cemetery Fรชtes ๐ŸŽƒ

Posted on: Sunday, October 29th, 2017

a stranger gives you candy in the dark,
would you take it? That outstretched hand, wriggling like the undergrounds
And overlings, and thousand heroines could not beat
eyes that dim your palace at
the beat of a wink

Don’t take it, your innards tell. Hard be the hamlets rousing,
binged night overturned by
doubt โ€“
Aren’t we all just the Jasons combined? Resilient and
handsome, alluring as carcass.
Don’t let the yous fool you into peering yonder wells,
pouring salt at torsos
split in the mid.

Don’t overthink it. Don’t overthink.

“Heard ’bout them before,” the company said. “Took a child from a neighbors’
of a friend
of a friend
of a friend.”

You pass on
rural whisperings onto
diams built overhead.
And tensions, they were milked as newborns
thieved by bat-winged women.

“I’m looking for my lovers,” I said. “We used to
go trick or treating together. Are you them?
“Are you?
“I want to return to the land of the living.
“I miss the sun.”

Yet, here you are, also looking for the lost, the glitter emptied from your roaring skies,
onyxed, and wayward
draughtsmaned like your smile.
You took the sweets outright, and into numbness succumb.
Happy are the breath of the damned.
Heathens like our forgotten poets become.

Happy Halloween, y’all.ย 

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