Go Face The Girl Music

Posted on: Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

I tried to form a band
’round a decade ago
and of course, like everything, I formed, it

Burn and die fast
is my life
theme, is my life

and I loved Paramore
I really do
’cause it’s to Hayley’s angsty, angry, teeny self my
angsty, angry, teeny self reflected to

so I asked if we could cover
That’s What You Get
and the lead guit said he doesn’t play
Girl Songs

I don’t remember the name of this irrelevant backwards product-of-the-hetero
masc-only! masc-only! world
but I remember my

a yesterday like the very yesterday where some
old fool with some old fool trophy to give
refused to give Girls who made transformative wonders

because they played
Girl Songs
they made
Girl Music

they made
Girl Millions
from their
Girl Fans

so I shake my head, light a cigarette, and curse in the dark
and think of the way the many
powerfuls Girls may have done ’cause powerfuls others have done
that to them

but I’ll never know, no, not fully because I am
a cisgender Man
a confused one, who listens and approves and consumes Girl Music, but back to the confused part I still

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