Take Me Where You Lay

Posted on: Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Buff top. Cisgender. Take me to where you lay.

I would never introduce you to my sanctuarium
my bed is basillica

My mind registering the fake name you gave me as you pry into the movements in my eyes
You’ll never catch me lie
I’m way too trained

“You should be thankful I decided to look your way,
“waste my time your way,
“grateful I gave you this time of day
“blah blah. I walk on water.

Send me photos from your youth
back when the vibrance hasn’t been purged out of your skin. Yet.
Let me see
how you see yourself
because that’s how I’ll peel into your skin as I
frame your tight body
mile to mile
in our shared darkness
like your favorite annexatives

I’m here to take from you, take away from you
quick, clean, easy, scott-free
through rough gags and torn-up cloth bounds,
with just the right amount of dirty

why do you respond more to my hostility
than you do to softness?
do you hate yourself?
as much as I: 1.) hate you, 2.) hate me

do you hate me?

You could be my two-hundredth but I can pretend you’re my first if that gets you off
Honey, I’d hold you close to my pecs and brush your hair and make you moan while you pretend like you’ve never done that before
Serra v Saffron
One day mirth-faced hobbit. Another, violin-smashing stage wraith.
A little Bernard punching through walls
Mind not shutting up when poppy-drunk
trying to zone out from myself

I like you
more specifically, the fluidity of your pretense
pretending we’re into each other
has never been this rewarding

I hate you
you deserve to be flip-fucked, bad
and hard
and rough
while I suppress my insides from laughing
that’s what you want, right?
Two can play this game

‘yan ang gusto mo e
‘yan ang bagay sayo e

Thanks for the cruise
Let me just clothe myself in under ten seconds
And be as far away as fast as possible
You can watch me walk from your door and through the halls
and I’ll never look back

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