I Like His Way Of Things

Posted on: Thursday, June 29th, 2017

I like the way he breathes near my mouth
and teases me with half-kisses
I like the way he giggles at my unsteady and fervor
I like the way our tongues wrestle with each other
I like his way of things

He calls me by the pet name he made up
In a way, nobody ever fills my stomach with this much battalion, butterflies
I find myself
waiting for him
where we first met
first laid eyes on our future
got each other’s numbers,

I like the way he pulls me close when he’s sleeping on my bed
because goddamnit, it’s the best feeling I’ve ever
felt in my entire existence; I kid you not
I like his way of things in a sense
that I can no longer think of living without it

I love the way he makes me feel that I am his man
because I so fucking am

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