Language exists
not to be policed,
but to have fun with as one lives

– EL/EA, Life In the Infinite Foreword

A collection of all the prose and poems I’ve decided to publish. Works ongoing.

LEVIAETHAN, LEVIAETHAN Project, Ethan Anarchy, Ethan Lesley LEVIAETHAN (ongoing)

LEVIAETHAN, one of my ongoing side-projects, is a collection of poems and lyrics presented as two fictitious LPs. Half the titles are things I have worked on as far back as 2009. As this is an ongoing projects, updates are expected amd released intervals and all songs are considered works in progress. Artwork are to be posted from time to time.

Leviaethan is divided into two parts: LTHəRGST and NoARRIVING.

Cover art for Life In The Infinite by Ethan Anarchy / Ethan Lesley, Life In The Infinite
Release date: July 2017

Life In The Infinite is my first poetry collection for 2017.

Infinite is available to download and purchase on Amazon Kindle, in basic version and premium version; the latter providing an all-out different reading experience with more than thrice the number of poems and bonus content from upcoming collections.

Blue Milk
Smile Less
Miles And Miles of Happy
The Green Sun
Boleyn Bard

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Ethan Anarchy, Ethan Lesley, Existhantial logo
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