Language exists
not to be policed,
but to have fun with as one lives

– Life In the Infinite Foreword

A collection of all the prose and poems I’ve decided to announce ahead of schedule and/or publish. Works ongoing.

Cover art for The Incomplete Range by Ethan Anarchy / Ethan Lesley The Incomplete Range
Release date: TBA 2018

The Incomplete Range the collation of selected works from my 2017 poetry where each entry is a dissection of the daily ups and downs. While I’m still working on publishing the entire catalog, you may refer to the vignettes below. Don’t forget to pick up your physical and e-copies of my work from Amazon, GoodReads, and Smashwords.

Cover art for Life In The Infinite by Ethan Anarchy / Ethan Lesley

Life In The Infinite
Release date: August 2017

Life In The Infinite is my very first free verse poetry collection. It deals with the basics of human emotion, existentialism, ageing, self-destruction, identity, and mid-life crises. It shifts voices from content to content.

Infinite is available to download and purchase on Amazon Kindle, in basic version and premium version; the latter providing an all-out different reading experience with more than thrice the number of poems and bonus content from upcoming collections.

The Birth of Your Galaxies
In your mind exists the infinite
You Can’t Feed Art To Goats
Rise Through Adagio
Dreams of a King: Foretold
Old house poem
When Your Love It Turns To Guilt
The Dying of Your Galaxies

Cover art for Blue Milk by Ethan Anarchy / Ethan Lesley,


Blue Milk
Release date: November 2017

Blue Milk deals mostly with PTSD, hospitalization trauma, mental and physical health, and the painfully slow recovery process; as well as promises of future health, meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging. Hang in there, kid.

Pre-release samples:

Solid Hearts
The Machine
Anthony In The White Clouds

Cover art for The Green Sun by Ethan Anarchy / Ethan Lesley,

The Green Sun
Release date: December 2017

The Green Sun is a collection revolving around the theme of my favorite capital sin, envy – its affect on one’s mind and being, and interaction to the self and the world.

Pre-release samples:

We Are The Difficult People
Better Dressed
Nectarine of the gods

Cover art for Amateur Pornographic by Ethan Anarchy / Ethan Lesley,

Amateur Pornographic
Release date: December 2017

Amateur Porno free verse collection is a sex-positive take that speaks of the intricacies of casual physical relations. Contains mature content and strong languages.

Pre-release samples:

Take Me Where You Lay
Foreign To My Bed
Expert Cruiser
Hello, Stranger
Holding Hands With Someone You Don’t Love
I Like His Way Of Things

Cover art for Smile Less by Ethan Anarchy / Ethan Lesley, Smile Less (1/2)
Release date: not yet announced

Part 1 of 2.

Pre-release samples:

A Penned Letter To Your Enemies
I made it out

Cover art for Miles And Miles of Happy by Ethan Anarchy / Ethan Lesley, Miles And Miles of Happy (2/2)
Release date: not yet announced

Part 2 of 2.

Cover art for Boleyne Bard by Ethan Anarchy / Ethan Lesley, Boleyne Bard
Release date: not yet announced

Boleyne Bard is a poetry collection about the life of an MMORPG Bard player as he supports his party by singing in a high level dungeon, and watching the knights, mages and clerics die beside him. As everybody’s hit points drop to zero, and having not learned any other skills or attributes, he just keeps on playing his lute, closes his eyes, waiting for the mob to approach.

The Good Eve

Cover art for Burgundahlia  by Ethan Anarchy / Ethan Lesley, Burgundahlia
Release date: not yet announced

Burgundahlia is a short poetry pamphlet. The title is an intended metaphor for a person, once trusted and beautiful, whose betrayal one cannot find the strength to forgive just yet.

Cover art for BIO by Ethan Anarchy / Ethan Lesley, BIO
Release date: not yet announced

LEVIAETHAN, LEVIAETHAN Project, Ethan Anarchy, Ethan Lesley LEVIAETHAN (ongoing)

LEVIAETHAN, one of my ongoing side-projects, is a collection of poems and lyrics presented as two fictitious LPs. Half the titles are things I have worked on as far back as 2009. As this is an ongoing projects, updates are expected amd released intervals and all songs are considered works in progress. Artwork are to be posted from time to time.

Leviaethan is divided into two parts: LTHəRGST and NoARRIVING.

Existhantial (under works)

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