Far Away (Nickelback) – The One Song To Rule Them All

Posted on: Sunday, December 6th, 2015

Far Away: the one song to rule them all

Now, before you all judge me, there’s a little back story to this.

So, 2015 just hit two weeks ago, and I had promised myself this: that this month will be dedicated to reliving some of the greatest TV shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. Namely, these would be Battlestar Galactica, Dawson’s Creek, Buffy, and Veronica Mars. So far, I’m only re-watching BSG and am now reliving how much I loved Stardama. (I realized that BSG existed before all this shipping names popped up. This was the pre-Tumblr era.) I’ll just refer to LeexKara as Stardama, because that makes sense. In any case, someone please tell me the unofficial name of this ship.

Kara x Lee. The doomed couple. The frozen couple.

I love Kara Thrace. She is an amazing character. I realize there’s a lot of talk, a lot of hate bashing on how annoying Lee Adama is, but I love him. I mean, look at him. I can’t even find a second when he’s on screen that I don’t find myself screaming about how damn lush Jamie Bamber was. I’ll be overly biased here: Captain Apollo is hot.

Trying to find some screencaps of #Stardama in Google, I came across an old thread (can’t find the link again) and it had this list of videos that were uploaded in YT; tribute videos. Little did I know, this would open up a whole new world.

I, being a huge shipper, decided to download this video to watch it over and over again. Now, I loved this Nickelback song since I served my time in high school. (One of the only two songs from Nickelback I liked. The other is Someday. I think they suck, but this song is gold.)

I then decided to find some other on-screen couples I love and download these fan-made tributes. The next three were:

Josh x Andy: Kyle XY

Nathan x Haley: One Tree Hill

And of course, Chuck x Sarah: Chuck

I am still not okay with the ending of Chuck. It was bitter sweet and, if I have to be completely honest, I cried for weeks because of this heartbreak. Doesn’t the line, “Chuck, tell me our story” break your heart over and over again?


A day after I downloaded the above, my friend Ellie and I decided to get lunch, and I went into a bizzare hunting spree for ship tributes that used the same song. Like I mentioned, a whole new world unveiled itself right in front of our eyes prone to massive shipping. My parents didn’t prepare me for this sort of landslide.

Buffy x Spike: Buffy

Dawson x Jen: Dawson’s Creek

Zutara: The Legend of Aang

Sorry. No Kataang.

Veronica x Logan: Veronica Mars

Lori x Declan, with a little Jessi: Kyle XY

Hated Jessi. Love Jaimie Alexander.

Mustang x Hawkeye: Fullmetal Alchemist

Whoever made this one deserves an award.

Sakura x Li Syaoran: Cardcaptor Sakura

Couldn’t find a tribute video to Yukito and Touya. What a damn shame.

Clark x Lana: Smallville

Snape x Lily: Harry Potter

Okay; this was hilarious.

Inuyasha x Kagome, with a li’l bit of Kikyo: Inuyasha

I had a huge crush on both Kikyo and Miroku when I was a kid. This meant a lot to me.

Meredith x Derek: Grey’s Anatomy

Laguna x Raine and Squall x Rinoa: Final Fantasy 8

Blair and Chuck: Gossip Girl

Kurama x Yukina: Yu Yu Hakusho


Padme x Anakin: Star Wars

Kenshin x Kaoru: Rurouni Kenshin

Multiple fandoms

Well, here’s something that goes in bulk.

This one must be our favorite:

Arwen x Aragorn: LOTR

1080p pa! Hahaha!

By this point, Ellie and I were already finished with our lunch and have consumed a pint of ice cream, without even noticing the time passing! Sadly, we found no Charmed, The O.C., 90210 nor Cowboy Bebop. Maybe that’s for the best(?). Our biggest disappointment was that we didn’t find any tribute for the Rurouni Kenshin live action and we half-joked that we’d make one ourselves. Will we? I don’t know. Time will tell.

I am amazed of how this song has gotten across almost all fandoms and how people are still using it for tributes. We even found some videos that dated early 2014. Far Away will live forever!

Credit goes to the people who compiled all these beautiful clips and screen captures. Viva la shippers!


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