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Wonderful State Of Panic

Written in 2009

You never miss a prayer, don’t you?
My little saint
You never disobeyed.

And when the time of rapture comes
You’ll be cleared
No fingers pointed at you.

‘Cause you’re perfect
So perfect.

So keep your holiness to yourself
Oh, keep your holiness.

This wonderful state of panic
This horrible state of bliss
I’ll never forgive myself if I give in to your selfishness (/stupidness).

I need some time to figure out this dead faith on my own
Your accusing eyes aren’t helping me at all.

I’m not perfect
At least I’m not a hypocrite.

So keep your holiness to yourself
Please don’t pretend that you care
‘Cause you don’t
And you know that you won’t
You won’t be fooling anyone
And I, I’ll be better off without you
All this pressure you’re putting me through
I won’t trust in your lines
I know better this time
To hell with compromise.

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