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I Don’t Wanna Be The Rebound Guy

Written 02.03.09

Your hazel eyes are what’s buggin’ me now
I miss your smiles and it’s taken me farther and higher
So far this one is the coolest of nights
And only you can make me feel better.

I can remember how we fought and we shout
While tears from your eyes keep falling, keep falling, you’re hurting
From words I shouldn’t have said, I shouldn’t have walked away
With things unresolved, I’m losing my hold in it.

You say you mean it
But I can’t feel it
Are you still in love with him?
When you say you want me
You mention his name again
You don’t know the pain
I just can’t explain.

I hope someday you’d mean it every time you kiss me
And you’d be in love
As long as I can I will wait
Though I’m not sure if that time will come
And then I’d wake up from this dream
I’ll find out how real this is to me.

You’d do this again
You’d do this again
Don’t do this again.

You’d do this again
Don’t do this again
It’s not worth the pain.

I don’t wanna be the rebound guy
I don’t want you to sympathize
When to you I’m just
The boy who was there when he left you.

I don’t ever want to hold your hand
While you’re wishing I was him
I don’t want to take his place
I want my own face.

So turn on the lanterns
Push it on in the tables
Let me take you by storm.

You’re way too beautiful
Dressed with killer smile
Why won’t you be mine?
Why won’t you be mine?

Your words, damn beautiful
But I’m standin’, wastin’ time
Listening to what I can’t deny.

I don’t wanna be the rebound guy
Oh, no
No, no, I don’t.

You say it mean it
But I can’t feel it…

You say it mean it
But I can’t feel you, you…

You were never really into me, were you?

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