LEVIAETHAN, one of my ongoing side-projects, is a collection of poems and lyrics presented as two fictitious LPs. Half the titles are things I have worked on as far back as 2009. As this is an ongoing projects, updates are expected amd released intervals and all songs are considered works in progress. Artwork are to be posted from time to time.
Leviaethan is divided into two parts: LTHəRGST and NoARRIVING.



Official project announcement: November 18, 2016

Tentative release date: December 2016

   LTHəRGST Track listing

  1.     Headbangin’
  2.     Lost Without You By My Side
  3.     Anywhere
  4.     My Crush
  5.     I Don’t Wanna Be The Rebound Guy
  6.     Love Not Meant To Be
  7.     Rescue
  8.     Our Bond, Our Marriage
  9.     I Got Game
  10.     Envy
  11.     Murderous
  12.     Walk Through Hurricanes
  13.     Son of Hypnos, Dreaming (bonus track)
  14.     Wonderful State of Panic (bonus track)



   NoARRIVING Track listing

    1.     Sickening
    2.     Made of Monsters
    3.     Strength + Joy
    4.     Pacifico
    5.     Exhaustion
    6.     Turego Durio
    7.     Free The Lunatc
    8.     A Brutal Kill
    9.     The Fire That Rebuilds
    10.     We Are (No Longer) Young and Alive
    11.     Time In The Sun
    12.     Arrival


  •     Stupid
  •     Those Boys
  •     Still Painting Flowers
  •     Blow Your Way Up
  •     Hold Your Own Fort

*this isn’t a real thing lmao I just wanted to code a bit

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