Giving Dark Matter a chance : watch thread

Posted on: Saturday, August 19th, 2017
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Dark Matter is one of those Canadian television shows that flew silent under the mainstream radar yet has made progressive waves in cult followers, and has for years been lauded for its humor and simplicity while being compared non-stop to Whedon’s Firefly as being the latter’s spiritual successor. Being one of the first to break through the mainstream with the band-of-rebels-and-misfits-travelling-in-a-beloved-and-now-iconic-space-vehicle-while-battling-an-intergalactic-federation, was so short-lived and quote-worthy, it’s almost impossible to miss the comparisons. I’m not even going to open a discussion about Farscape, Stargate and the more expansive Battlestar Galactica, because that would be another argument that would span days with the right crowd.

By the time I’m posting this, Dark Matter, together with its sister show, Killjoys, is already embarking on its third season. I wasn’t exactly warm in welcoming Killjoys, if I recall correctly, three years ago, although I have to admit Luke Macfarlane is so dang easy on the eyes as the rest of the cast.

The premise of Dark Matter is quite simple. Six crew members aboard an unknown space ship wake up with no memories of who they are, and of course they immediately start arguing why they were there in the first place. The pilot episode does a great job of setting up tension aboard the men and women in The Raza (the name of the space vessel) and was quick to establish who’s who amongst them.

Back in 2015, I wasn’t too welcoming (and perhaps a little overwhelmed with the many television shows that was available), and I was a fool, because what comes next is an exciting setup fast-paced to rediscovering and accepting/rejecting their former selves, and uncovering of the mysteries aboard The Raza. I honestly couldn’t find a discussion of the show on The AVClub, which feels a little disappointing to me (for personal reasons), and the show itself having been under constant renewal is just another testament of how far science fiction and space operas have become more accessible and demanded by the streaming era of television. What once was a burden for the genre when it came to promotion is now a niche for viewers worldwide.

It has been a long game, but I can honestly say, with all the material I can marathon, it’s time to give Dark Matter the chance it deserves.

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Update: (August 20) I’m now on S01E07. Cheesy & full of tropes, but equally amusing. I ditched everything I’m watching for Dark Matter. Recommendation grade: A-

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