Future Man watch thread

Posted on: Wednesday, March 21st, 2018
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Who knew that Future Man, produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, a show that reveries in juvenile jokes, would actually turn out to one of the most fun romps just sitting there on the Hulu-verse? Starring Josh Hutcherson, Eliza Coupe, and Derek Wilson, Future Man is a time-travel adventure that is jam-packed with all the camp things I’ve enjoyed in pretty much any of the gorgeous Edgar Wright films, less stoned than any of Rogen’s past efforts (but still dosed with cocaine), and less stoic than the ever-submersible tale that is Preacher (AMC). What the show clearly lacks in budget, it makes up in fervor, wonky dialog that (and, trust me on this) pays off in the long run, and characters I have actually grown to love and want to spend more time with, if ever come a second serving of the show.

Future Man doesn’t take the post-apocalyptic premise too seriously, and it’s not like the other current time-travel shows that we have: the forgettable one featuring Coupe’s Happy Endings costar Adam Pally; Legends of Tomorrow, which has started to make viewers groan since season 2; and never will it aim to be as crazy good as the best of Doctor Who, which is pretty much on a league/genre of its own. Instead, it opts to dwell on nostalgia that our current television seem to be in boom of. There’s an episode set in the futuristic abode of multi-hyphenate James Cameron, complete with a very sophisticated in-house defense AI, major a character learning Navi, amd some Titanic atmosphere– leading up to the best episode the show has produced to date. It may just be me watching a crazy lot of time-travel shows, but I didn’t exactly feel the nostalgia part that much, since it’s normally protocol now. (See also, the Stranger Things craze, 2017’s It, and years before those, we had Super 8.)

I should also mention that technically, Future Man did evade me since there were tons of great shows competing for viewer’s attention upon its initial release, which was November of 2017. But trust me, letting myself go through an easy-breeze 13 episodes with inconsistent running times (the shortest probably 25 minutes, while the longest peaking at 40) really does get rewarding. I remember from last year that the show did get some online press traction because of the very unfortunate and somehow weirdly unflattering screen caps of Hutcherson going full frontal in Future Man, but upon late discovery that Coupe is in the cast, I immediately jumped into it like a hungry rabid wolf (sorry).

Also, there’s Keith fuckin’ David. Yeah. He deserves a paragraph of his own, because in the final episode, he really does do that prestige Keith David acting thing he does so well.

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Recommendation grade: A+; I’ll be sad if the show doesn’t get a sophomore season but satisfied if it ended the way it did. But I genuinely fell for the characters (especially Coupe’s and Wilson’s) that I want to spend more times in this escapist blowjob of a show. (And yes, that’s the highest praise for this show’s immature sense of humor.)

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