Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you? Share some specific details about yourself.
My name is Ethan Lesley. I usually go by my pen name, Ethan Anarchy, which has been my username since my early days as hobbyist. I’m in my mid-twenties.

Are you active in social media? Which platforms to you use and what do you mostly share?
Yes, I am on Twitter @ethananarchy and I have a Facebook page and Instagram account that I barely have time to check in on. I follow tons of artists, actors, writers and my favorite television programming across multiple platforms because I like getting news and being active on discussions about these gorgeously written epics; which, I guess, reflects on how my Twitter profile is riddled with TV quotes and screencaps and not much about my day-to-day activities. My Tumblr link is here.

What do you keep this blog running for?
Well, started out as just a landing page to my work, but then it expanded into a portal site to most of my writing, artwork, et cetera et cetera. I have a currently barely-kept Daily Musings section, but the ones I like keeping the most is sharing my poetry and the ever-expansive world of WAtE, the webcomic that I am trying to keep telling about.

Can you tell us more about your writing/art? What are your influences?
I write fiction, mostly, which are self-published under this blog. I write science-fiction/adventure that have tons of comedic beats, being a fan of those genres growing up. I also enjoy B-movies, both the good and the awful; creature features and kaiju films, cyberpunk, steampunk and biopunk; high fantasy; and space operas.

You also write poetry, correct? What themes do you usually go for?
Yes, lately, I have been dipping my toes into free verse poetry and am constantly releasing collections, both in my site and some up for sale in Amazon Kindle. I write about basic human experiences like romance and sex but never anything too sappy or lovelorn. I like implementing tones of the wonder of birth and all that optimistic trivialities, but you will find that I commonly lace my writing with things that deal with grief, envy, depression, anxiety, PSTD, survivor’s guilt; all of which coming from very personal experiences; although you may find shifting voices, satire, contempt and sarcasm with on-beat comedy style I employ as a writer. My love for hard science fiction is also reflected within these confines.

You’re also a designer, is that correct? Tell us about your work.
I’ve run a successful one-man design front for almost a decade now. Started teaching myself graphics design since I was in high school and have made logos when I was in college. It’s a way to pay the bills, and I found that I’m adept and really passionate about it. I’ve had tons of clients, ranging from a hedgefunds in the middle east, to restaurants in NYC, and even done business in certain parts of Europe. (Shout out to Olso!) Although I do separate my writer side from my corporate designing, the two go hand-in-hand and I’m quite happy and blessed to be doing both.

Which programs do you use for your artwork? Do you also do traditional art? How about coding?
I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, GraphicsGale, SAI and Manga Studio. For traditional art, I adore charcoal and watercolors. I’ve got tons of colored pens and markers that I use from time to time. I’m self-taught in coding, and I actually build what are now the child themes to all my websites. Honestly, I very much enjoy coding HTML and PHP.

Are you currently open for these type of business? How about advertising on your blog?
Yes and yes. You can use the Contact page of my website and shoot me an e-mail from there.

Aside from writing and art, that other hobbies do you have? What lifestyle do you keep?
Watching television is number one on my priority list of hobbies. *laughs* I have an account on that helps me keep track of all new episodes. and I watch during the original airdate of shows I adore whenever possible. Going to the movies alone is another practice of mine. I like that it’s a safe place to feel all these incredible emotions that are brought by brilliant directors, writers, actors, producers and everyone involved in film that avoid the redundancy or stagnation of everyday life. On the Discover section of my blog-site, I endorse television shows and merch that I speak very highly of, usually shows that evade the casual viewer.

I’m also not quite the outdoor person. I try to maintain a healthy social lifestyle by eating in nice restaurants, jogging and the like, like a normal person, and exercise and stuff. But I doubt I will be blogging about those. Doubt I’d have the time. Perhaps in the near future. There are also interesting things I find about in-depth AV reviews and I’m a little active in The AVClub comments section regarding that, plus I have a barely used reviewer account in RottenTomatoes, which is like a gateway into my personality and to what I find compelling and interesting.

Anything you want the readers to know about regarding your fiction?
Almost three-quarters of the stories I write, regardless of how far apart they appear to be, exist only in one universe.

If you want to read more about me and my inner-ramblings, I’ve been keeping a get to know subcategory on this microblog under the Musings tab.

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