Picking up where I left off on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Posted on: Tuesday, April 24th, 2018
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Although Greg Berlanti shows does have the penchant formula of ‘heroes messes up the world’ -> ‘heroes cleans up the world they messed up’ (which, thankfully, Supergirl CW has none of), Legends is by far the most enjoyable show when sitting next to The Flash (a.k.a. Bummerville) and Arrow (don’t even get me started.

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Recommendation grade: A; It is with complete surprise to me for me to be saying this, but Legends of Tomorrow’s third season is far more enjoyable than all the other CW DC shows combined. (Including Supergirl, which currently has ‘the Mon-El problem’! Shocker!)… Aah, a misfits crew aboard a time ship. I miss The Raza.

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