Posted on: Sunday, January 29th, 2017
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Here are the scans for my initial gemsona, Howlite. Most of the notes are outdated and were intended for the original gemsona, Moonstone.



Major differences are their:

  • abilities: Moonstone focused mostly on dream manipulation and moon-related abilities. Howlite is more a negating power; subduing other gems’ abilities, erasing memories, lobotomizing.
  • “purpose” Moonstone was supposed to be bard gems. Howlites are prison guards/wardens and occasional cops.
  • personalities: Moonstone is lax and easy going. Howlite is just straight-up detached and kinda insensitive.

  • As you may know, I changed Gemsonas to better fit the dramatic (maybe a little too dramatic) fic I’m writing with my dear Cuatro friend, Ana Moon. She’s now tasked with developing Moonstone’s part (as Moonstone is her gemsona), as it ties with Howly’s plotlines.

    You may follow AnaΓ―s’s Tumblr by clicking this link.

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