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Posted on: Tuesday, September 5th, 2017
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Oh, Ryan Murphy and co. Have you not created this yearly gay holiday that we now know as American Horror Story. 🤡 Like most television enthusiasts who have enjoyed the repetitive yet somehow still valuable tricks of this treat, we have come a looong way. From the early beginnings of Glee (and Nip/Tuck, that nobody actually watched) to the very defining Scream Queens (an iconic LGBTQ hallmark until it got dragged by familiar tricks), we have come to relearn the talents amassed by Lange, Conroy, Bates, Bassett, O’Hare; and were introduced to the screen presence of Rabe, Peters, and queen Sarah P. To say that the show has not yet become similar to tradition would not be doing it any favors, but to pretend like it has not been emotionally tolling isn’t fair either.

I have, personally, found that the most prestige of American Horror Story has always lied with season 2, Asylum. We had Shacath, Sister Mary Eunice, Sister Jude, and of course those truly mortifying Anne Frank episodes. Not only were we introduced to true television gems like Pepper, The Name Game, and Zachary Quinto’s onscreen madness (since his fame debut as Heroes’ central villain, Sylar), it also ended with grim and success with Paulson’s stellar performance.

While Coven was all sass with substance battered down, it still ranks amongst AHS’s best seasons. I would argue that Misty Day remains my personal Supreme. Of course, all the performances were equally amazing. Lange as Supreme, Bates’ high society murderess (that in the end just became a colossal disappointment), Bassett’s sharp Laveau who we’ve enjoyed spitting shade at every turn, Conroy’s peak performance as fashion faux, O’Hare holding our every attention, and of course Sarah P. as an onscreen headmaster slash heroine. And then there’s the younger cast, which for some reason only Sidibe’s Queenie can rank amongst their betters. That’s not to say Farmiga, Roberts, and Brewer didn’t have much to do, but they’re working on it. Coven started the downfall of Peters who was so thrilling to watch as the deranged ghost of Tate Langdon, who has been the very face of teen disillusionment (which I guess he will now be replaying in Cult?) and every person’s infatuation.

Murder House, speaking of, has not been that enjoyable for me, but I cannot think of a more memorable moment than Piggy Piggy with Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet. Murder House also reintroduced us to Lange’s talents, as was Murphy’s pivotal interest in the series. And then, the fourth season came in. Finn Wittrock, the star that surprising rose from the show’s decay and is hopefully on a steady climb of movie stardom took center stage more than Twisty the clown, which isn’t at all far-fetched given his level of commitment alongside Conroy playing his equally deranged mother who met her own doom at Dandy Mott’s amusement.

I won’t even talk about Hotel and Roanoke.

Okay; that’s enough for now. Tomorrow’s a new day, and everyone will have their attentions shot only at AHS Cult. Whether it’s already a show past its prime or still on a climb is up for debate, as it yearly is. We will endure the global headaches (and smiles) again, so best be ready for more enjoyable nonsense.

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Initial watch recommendation grade: D+ for new pledges, A- for returnees

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