"Amateur Pornographic" poetry collection pre-release samples are here

“Amateur Pornographic” poetry collection pre-release samples are here

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Amateur Porno free verse collection is a sex-positive take that speaks of the intricacies of casual physical relations. Contains mature content and strong languages. Pre-release samples: ...Read more

Life In The Infinite Index

Life In The Infinite index

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Today, I'm excited and happy to announce two things: First off, I am happy to announce that the index for my first upcoming poetry collection for 2017, Life In The Infinite, is finally here. I've done preliminary releases of four of the free verses: Constellations, When Your Love It Turns To Guilt, Reincarnatio. and my personal favorite In your mind exists the infinite a few months ago. As mentioned a few dozen times ago, I have been writing for the past couple of months, pouring my heart and soul to what was supposed to be a short poetry pamphlet. Guess a lot of things got out o ...Read more

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