Blue Milk : 1000 DOWNLOADS!

Posted on: Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Hey, you guys! I want to thank everyone who sampled my Blue Milk poetry collection for the past ten days. I have had zero time to do any sort of advertising, which is to say I am overwhelmed by the support of the avid reading community to send me their personal feedback about my second poetry collection for 2017.

Speaking ofย 2017, it’s about to get Decembery in a week! I’m working on a rush as I feel like I have backed myself into a corner here, having at least another 6 collections to publish digitally in under a month and a half. I’d love to take this time to announce that, as a self-published author and a lone distributor of my work, the last leg of my collections might actually be up online around January to February 2018, if all else fails. However, I’m already working on my 2018 poetry collection. (Announcements to follow.)

If you haven’t sampled Blue Milk yet, I still have the demo versions of it and Infinite that you can find on my Freebies page, although these ones are the shorter versions. You can unlock the content via a tweet, which I’d really, really, really appreciate.

You can also purchase the full Blue Milk collection on several stores by following this link.

You can follow me on Twitter @ethanananrchy and like my Facebook page.

Again, thank you so much for those who shared their enthusiasm.

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