Blood Drive watch thread

Posted on: Saturday, August 12th, 2017
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Every once in a while, there comes a new SyFy show that defies logic – nay, sense on its most basic – and this year we have the fantastically senseless grindhouse fun that is Blood Drive. Thirty seconds within its spectacular pilot and they’ve had me at “all the cars run on human blood”. There’s every trope you can expect: guns, blood, violence, nudity, more blood, more violence.

For someone who’s wildly enjoyed the cheap thrills of the Sharknado series, I am cheering on to see more about this tale where our unlikely protagonists – a Ken doll-type Sam Worthington knockoff boring white cop turned unwilling contestant and a diet Olivia Wildesque vixen who seems to have stack up on her lollipop – race for that ten million dollar cash price, all set in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, where water is hella expensive and fuel is just so scarce, they’ve resolved into feeding people to their vampiric automobiles. What comes next is an experience like every other B-movie, or should I say B-series that is now the hallmark of the Syfy network. It’s like Z-Nation but more watchable.

While I’m all pilled up while trying to catch up on Transparent and, what, with the Emmy nods trying to persuade me that House of Cards is prestige television in its most elitist (sorry, The Leftovers, you deserved better), I do love taking a break from thinking and just basking myself in all the gore of this hidden gem in the exploitation genre. This is, after all, the same network that brought me one of my favorite shows, Dominion, for which I still weep for years after its untimely cancellation. (Speaking of Dominion, I did skim through the season 2 episodes yesterday and found that without the nostalgic lens, it is just a clanky amount of mess to which I’ve poured all my heart to. I’m going to miss the wired citizens of Vega the most.)

Whether or not I’ll be tuning in till the end of all ten weeks (hey, people, that’s ten hours of my time I’m never going to get back but I’ve watched all eight of the available The Mist, so what gives?) will be up for questioning. But I do love that there’s already a black cop with hung exposure in the pilot around the twenty minute mark.

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Recommendation rate: D+

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