Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 5 watch thread

Posted on: Wednesday, October 4th, 2017
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The thing about B99’s familiar dependability is that it’s funny but at certain moments it gets lost behind the many better shows there are. That’s not to say that the cast has done exemplary work, for characters like Jake, Amy, Captain Holt, Terry, Charles and Rosa have now been close to iconic television staples. And yes, I am singling out Gina Linetti, B99’s greatest creation and my personal favorite. I mean, who can resist a wonky civilian thrown in the mix who not only says the emotional value of her belongings equates to two million dollars and gives us lines like “PIZZAZZ IS WHO I AM”? While the show worked in full-steam with last season handling the racial tension topic (which centered on Jeffords), most of the twists on the show goes below the memorable line. I would rank it beside New Girl and a few levels about the now-canceled 2 Broke Girls. (2BG deserved better.)

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Recommendation grade: D

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