Life In The Infinite : AVANTA now available

Posted on: Sunday, December 31st, 2017

The year’s almost ending and it wouldn’t be complete for moi if I didn’t release a new edition of my debut collection, Life In The Infinite. The AVANTA edition will comprise of a few reprints from the original line up and tons of new free verses to mark the saying good bye of this year.

Below is the index of AVANTA.

In your mind exists the infinite
You Can’t Feed Art To Goats
Rise Through Adagio
Dreams of a King: Foretold
Old house poem

Prosperio (from ‘Amateur Pornographic’)

Incertae sedis
You have no future as a writer
Contraire de Manila
Writing Taggarts
Sannyasi Una (from ‘Edo Sanyassi’)
Saturnalia, amongst others, for the homeboys of the world
The Antihero, The Toothless, And The Unborn
Yhrma P’vn
Useless Battle Cry
What It Means To Be A Man
Halo On My Head
Sentio, ergo sum, pero
Lifecoach, Lifecoats, and Lifeboats
Rutabaga Baby
The Haberdasher’s Wife
Spin Soft – The Sinner For Brownwood
My Very First Burgundahlia
Rebirth in Reverb


Infinite Dos (from ‘Bummer’)

It is available for online purchase for only 0.99USD. Do check it on Books2Read and my Amazon author page.

Although I seriously feel like I’ve run out of time and have only released half of the collections I’ve written for the 2017 poetry collection, The Incomplete Range, the rest will be available the first few months of 2018.

Thanks! 🧡✍🏾

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