Adventure Time season 9 watch thread

Posted on: Saturday, March 24th, 2018
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There is a lot to unpack about Adventure Time closing. Whether you feel like the show’s overstayed its welcome (to which I say, how dare you), outgrown it by moving onto other things (the cases of Penn Ward, Rebecca Sugar, and even Jeremy Shada), sad to see it go (we all grew 8 years older with the show), or happy that it’s ending at the perfect moment; this marks a sort of finality to our imaginations all bettered because of Ooo and its residents.

Adventure Time Islands and Adventure Time Elements (both far superior to Stakes) did the franchise wonders, tying up some lose ends and escalating things. I, for one, no longer require any more sightings of Susan or Slime Princess. But the most confusing thing about season 9 is how the story rushes forward in creating a new team of villains: PB’s self-creations slash ex-family, led by the sketchy Uncle Gumbald. While this provides a heartbreaking moment when we realzed Manfried’s creation wasn’t a good origin story and Fern’s out-of-nowhere turning into the left-hand path, they all look minuscule compared to the Lich (which, by the way, got wrapped up by Sweet Pea without even really trying) or the Orgalorg. Patience is still out there, we think, if not for the rushed farewell story that was told by Marceline via an embellished puppet show and some character flashbacks. Maja is still out there. Heck, even Betty is still roaming around.

It should be noted that this article was written before the four-parter ending, ‘Come Along With Me’, which, great title, by the way. But all this does is reiterate what we’ve always known: that PB is an evil genius who didn’t fully commit to the dark side. (See also: Rattleballs, Spoon of Prosperity, pilot.) What we get, instead of a serialized season of mature feels is a monster-of-the-week show and two servings of the unbearable Tree Trunks. I’ve always hated her holier than thou antics but she is one of the show’s beginning characters with a snooze-inducing, trippy arc all the way back in season one. BMO also gets the spotlight a lot, and I’m not sure whether this makes me like her less than I already do. The lack of LSP is something unwelcomed.

Of course, we have to hand it to the AT creative/writing team when they meta-hit-back with the Blenanas episode. That one was a gracious maneuvering on their part. Whatever happens, tears will be shed and feels will be felt.

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Recommendation grade: B+

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