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How Many Bottles

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Ace was keeping score His friends didn't know it, but he was keeping score He doesn't know himself, doesn't know his loved ones Doesn't get to know the world revolving around him when he's parked He's the getaway vehicle to the getaway beach Left on the street overlooking the ocean and the sun Distanced from all the joyous commotions between him and his peers, the embracing warmth of the sand As Bethany and Brent and Brenda smile and sip in margaritas He's the odd fourth wheel in a group of strong personalities Him, the quiet Him, the weakest Him, the one who makes sentimental ca ...Read more

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Better Dressed

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There's pride in sharing And then there's bowing down To lust upon Hollywoodizing mythologies my kababayan are eager to laud about It's easier to hate your own, hate your own, hate your own Because you wait for the paint to turn to white So you can appreciate them? With what? A bigger pocket? A better dress? What to you makes a better dress? One that submits to universal attention? But they weren't designed after Western values They were made for your immediates' eyes You twist your tongue to sound like you come from another village and pity those who still talk like the previ ...Read more

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